Writing practice

I recent came across a TEDx talk by Sarah Kay as previously mentioned and she talks of usng lists to work out your experiences etc to write about. One list she uses is ’10 things I know to be true’.

I have been wanting to challenge myself on my writing, get to a deeper level, so I did this this list which was an interesting activity. For one thing, I learned that I have some unattended to / unhealed grief from my childhood as I am sure everybody does, but it was something I hadn’t given much thought to until I was writing it on the page.

I’m not going to share my list on here as I feel it is too private but I will be trying to use some of these experiences to form some poetry or prose to help make sense of it which may be shared on here or my instagram account.

I would encourage you to try making a similar list to see what comes out, it may suprise you! 

How are your writing projects coming along?
Bec x



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