A lesson I am trying to learn

Your scornful words are hard to swallow.

Ingesting your vowels and
synonyms leaves a belly ache that I
know can only end with disgrace on the throne.

You swear to heighten your point
but you fail to see these are not the right spices to add to your soup. 
Repeating the same recipe over, and over, and over again does not make you a chef. 

It merely proves you are too scared to challenge yourself, to make mistakes and learn something new. 

Words describe life, they lift ones experience of life but they are not life itself. 

So until you let go of all the predictability and written recipes and make something from scratch

You will never know if the rawness that exists in your chest will taste any good, or if it will feel any good once its let loose in the world. 

You can bake it with arms, legs, a heartbeat and a soul. 

It can run right off the page and come at you full speed without warning which is the exact beauty of emotion.

It can make you feel all those things you avoid feeling, it can give you peace. It can make you see yourself for who you truly are. 

So don’t lullaby words together simply to reward your ego with faint smiles from your peers. 

String words together like a carefully hand crafted necklace that lays emblazoned on your chest showing off the love in your heart and light in your soul. 

Do not keep making the same recipe over and over again because it will loose its taste over time. 

 Instead strip your skin bare, draw blood from your veins, pickle your flesh and create something that does not lead you to flasehoods. 

Unbind yourself from fear and scorn and expose your rawness, 

For in it there lies true beauty, 

For there lies the true you.   


Rebecca J. Richards


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