Learning more about writing..

They say to write what you know. 
But what if what you know is nothing at all. 
What if what you know is a dull

Ache inside that you ignore at sunrise. 

What if you can’t label this ache

as anything more than a child with

stray tears rolling down her cheek. 

What if this crying child is lost and

doesn’t know her way back to herself. 

What if what this crying child knows

is that she really is alone in this world 

yet, caught in a paradox to please others 

in an attempt to prove she isn’t. 

What if all of this hurt and pain and grief she feels 

measures insignificant to the likes of others.

What if she knows her biggest dilemma is assuming 

the courage to live, stretched out in her own skin. 

What if what she knows is nothing after all. 

As what she knows is that she doesn’t know how to be herself;

How to voice what she wants;

How to demand her own existence.

Is this what she is meant to write about?  



I want to improve my writing and my poetry.

I have been feeling that my posts have been more negative lately and somewhat spiteful, reflective of the space I have been in. And its not healthy or natural. From a writer/poet I follow on ig (@prudiegirl) I came across this ted talk by Sarah Kay (I’ve watched it a few times now) and it could not have come at a better time. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and to be honest, it’s getting boring. For me anyway, so I can only imagine what the poor people reading my shitty poems must be feeling. I like to feel challeged when I am writing as I think I am always learning if I am challenged. Lately I feel like I have been writing on repeat, which is something Sarah Kay talks about. I need to learn new skills. I need to recieve more feedback or critiquing on my work other than “nice job πŸ‘” or “πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜”. I really do appreciate any comment I get as it’s nice to know people are actually reading (perhaps) what I’ve written as opposed to it just being a big like-fest, but I really need some guidance or constructive criticism to be able to adapt my skill set and create new art. I’m learning that instagram poetry is not the place for this really, also people repost without crediting which is a worry, but I enjoy posting my work there and reading so many amazing poems by very talented writers. It’s a little addictive. 

I am a member of scribophile and aim to be more active in the new year to be able to post work there. So for now I will just have to ride the rut and hopefully get into a new road of creativity very soon.

How is your muse going? Have you got any tips for me? Or would you like to leave some feedback? I’d love to hear from you!


Bec πŸ™‚
Ps. Can’t wait to start using this bad boy in another month or so when land life resumes!



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