An exercise of poetry

I have seen many poets on instagram use the technique ‘blackout poetry’ to create beautiful and original poems, so I thought I would give it ago.

They utilise a page from a book or a magazine article and select words to create their prose. Some follow the order of the original wording used on the page like I did in my attempt and others create their own path.

I found this exercise a little challenging, as I had to think about the words on offer on the page and try to find the ones that fitted best with the feeling behind the poem that was starting to form; as opposed to writing free-flow from the heart, which feels more natural and meaningful.

However; I liked the end result and also, being challenged to think about the poem I was creating. Perhaps this poem has more purpose and meaning behind it because of the extra attention paid to the words used? Or perhaps it has less because they were not my words to begin with? What are your thoughts?

Some fantastic poets who use this style can be found on instagram #blackoutpoetry



“Things I don’t understand

The winter

A map

A sense of where I am.

I’ve tried to fathom

Mysterious creatures

The depths of my soul

My breath.

Against my wants

I found him deeply flawed

Yet he was free

With confident knowing

In the asking question”.

R.J.Richards. 2015. @wordseachday


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