So I wrote six hundred and five words last night. 605.

It’s not quite three pages… But then again, it is more than two.

I find attempting to write a set number of words each day, for me, just paves the way for failure. I cannot guarentee that I will make a set word count as some suggest. So I didn’t make 750 words but then I got past 500, so that is something.

I don’t have the luxury of musing out three pages of free flowing thought in the morning to make way for the real creative stuff througout the day as although my mornings do start early they are absorbed with the energy of a bouncing (literally) toddler and not all nights are available due to the lack of mental capacity I seem to have on any given evening. However, I do steal time here and there and I am writing everyday, even if this is a short poem or a few ideas for my book. 

I started my 605 words with the following sentence… 

“The effects of the alcohol were wearing off, I was starting to feel like this was a mistake.” 

A pretty fair game sentence, nothing that hasn’t been written in some shape or form before however; I am curious for a bit of fun… what thoughts, emotions, ideas this evokes in your creative parts and what you would follow this sentence with?

Feel free to comment if you like.




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