So… I want to be a writer.

There. I said it.

Writing is something I enjoy doing and it is something that feeds my soul and fills me up with hope, joy and positivity.

But I don’t just want to write for me. I want to write for others too.

I have been facing a bit of dilemma of late firstly, in acknowledging that this truly is something I would like to do and also allowing myself the time to spend it on this activity.

The problem I have been facing in owning up to my own inner designs is that every bit of advice shared by published authors I have read, is mostly negative. Things like: you can write but you probably won’t be any good at it or; you can write but you probably won’t get published or; you can write and get published but people will probably think that it’s rubbish… Hence my dismay in admitting my dream to myself.

On the flip side, I have joined an online writing community (though I am yet to fully participate, due to my little dilemma) and have been connecting with some blogs on writing which mostly provide encouraging feedback and tips on how to commence and complete the writing process.

Another thing I have struggled with is that in my reading about writing, people seem to promote the idea that there are a set of rules that must be followed. I have been so bombarded with ideas about publishing and agents and editors and critics and beta readers that I have been frozen into silence and was left too scared to write any words, may they be damned for blasphemy.  But drama aside, I think I am now ready to really start and to not hold back anymore.

I have been writing… a little bit. And have seemed to have read, edited and re-read the three possible chapters of my daydreams of a book I have been working on. But there is always poetry flowing through my veins. I need to get better at prioritising the time to write and try to do this every day, even if it is only one sentence or a short poem or perhaps reinvigorating a relationship with this blog.

Really, I don’t expect to start writing the next Harry Potter and earn mega bucks and never have to work again, though lets be honest who wouldn’t love that reality?

This is something that I will aim to do each day and work towards an end goal which is a novel. To be truthful, the process of writing is for me and the end result is hopefully for others, if it even comes to this, but ultimately my aim is for more selfish reasons; no apologies anymore.

Part of the reason in posting this on here is to make myself more accountable… to myself.

So no more fear.

No more doubt.

What are your big dreams? What’s holding you back from living them?

I found this post by Kirtsen Lamb very encouraging.


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